Bring your own lighting kit or use our Ready-to-Shoot Lighting Grid. Featuring 15 individually dimmable daylight balanced LED panels, you’ll get your production lit and ready to roll in no time! At only $180/day it’ll save you both time and money.


Double wall construction and lots of high density insulation. The A/C system is so quiet you don’t have to turn it off for sound.  Removable wall mounted sound blankets are provided for free with every rental so you can adjust how “bright” you want the room to be.


With 6 tons of cooling from two Trane A/C systems, you’ll have no trouble keeping the studio cool no matter how many lights or people you’re working with.


We’re excited to announce that we have installed a cutting edge virtual production system in our studio!  Combining the power of Unreal Engine, an advanced Camera tracking system and an 8K Ultiimatte, the world’s most advanced and best green screen keyer.  The combination of these three systems allow for real-time virtual production complete with silky smooth camera motion and ultra realistic keys with dynamic shadows.  Best of all – it all happens in real time!  You’ll leave the studio with your footage fully composited and be ready edit your story!

Lower Cost
Secret Formula
It's Unreal
What You See Is What You Get


Yes, Virtual Production can be both affordable and cinematic!  At Green Slate, VP includes:

  • Complete Control Room with Unreal Engine Workstation for amazing 3D environments that render in real time
  • Advanced Laser tracking system for silky smooth background movement
  • Ultimatte 8K Keyer with hardware and software control for keys so realistic, you’ll swear they were not produced on a green screen.
  • Fully controlled DMX Lighting grid with **20** instruments so that you can dial in the look you want.
  • Experienced Crew to assist you with all the “virtual” components of the project.  You can still use your crew for all the traditional roles such as DP, AC, Audio, Gaffter, Grip, Prompter and Make up along with all of your gear.
  • Or we can help you with as much or little of the tradition production equipment and crew roles as you might need.


Please give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your studio rental. If you would like to see the studio in person, you’re welcome to stop by and we’ll give you a tour.

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